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Are you tired of trying dozens of Shampoos and Hair Oils to control your hair Loss Or Alopecia Universalis ....??
Are you losing your confidence because of your receding hairline...??
The solution is there with us in AYURVEDA, Reduce Your Dandruff and Itching in just 3 Applications.

If you want a crowning glory of your hair, then it’s definitely a time to switch over to a reliable product which will not only prevent your hair loss but also Re-grow your hair naturally.  Talking about reliability, nothing can be better than Ayurveda.  As Ayurvedic hair loss treatment measures are known for their effectiveness.
Ayurveda means 'the knowledge of life' or 'the science of life'  and is considered to be the ancient system of medicine of India. It is the oldest health care system in the world given by lord Bhrama to the king Indra and then after it reached to the beautiful earth by different Rishis.
Ayurveda works on Principle that all the living beings are made up of  five basic elements earth, Jala- water, Agni- fire, Vayu- air,  Akash- ether and these elements are the subtlest aspects of human life, finer than the molecular, atomic, or subatomic levels. This helps the Vaidya to treat every patient individually according to its own elemental constitution.

In Ayurveda, Hair fall is considered to be a problem of pitta dosha and excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems

Based on this Ayurvedic Principle, Dr. Narender Chawla has come up with a unique hair treatment which stimulates the hair follicles and helps in growing hair naturally. Dr. Narender Chawla  an eminent ayuvedic scholiast , is a Principal of Shri Laxmi Naryan Ayurvedic College, Amritsar.  In his more than 30 years for Ayurvedic practice he has treated nearly 1 lakh patient of various types of hair problems including Men, Women and Children who were suffering with alopecia.

Robin Herbal health Care treatment is based on Ayurvedic concepts and it contains herbal oil, herbal Shampoo, and oral ayurvedic medicine. The Herbal hair Oil contains the following herbs

  • Bhringaraaja: known as king of the hair, promotes hair growth on the head and effectively stops and reverses balding and premature greying. It helps to calm the mind promoting sound sleep.
  • Amla: Indian gooseberry is packed with Vitamin C and thus loaded with antioxidants.
  • Neem: This is a natural remedy against dandruff and lice and also has blood purifying abilities.
  • Ritha: These are natural soap nuts that are used for cleaning hair without stripping off the natural oils.
  • Ashwagandha: Weakened immune system is one of the factors for hair loss. Ashwagandha makes you feel energized and healthier. It reduces stress, increases vigor and helps Re-grow lost hair.
  • Advantages of Robin Herbal Health Care Treatment are:

  • Based on Ayurvedic Concept
  • No side effects.
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly Effective treatment.
  • The Hair Re-Growth is in the Natural way.
  • It’s completely herbal its cost effective then highly costly hair transplant surgeries.
  • Its pain less as no need to take painful injections pricks of steroids on the different regions of patchy hair loss areas.
  • It does not affect your androgen levels and normal sexual drive as other allopathic medicines do.
  • No need to come every day to the clinic to take psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA) for longstanding and widespread alopecia areata.
  • Apart from taking this Hair treatment, one needs to have good diet. Here are some of the prominent food items you need to add in your diet to say goodbye to hair loss trouble:

  • Aloe vera: Befriend aloe vera juice. You can also take it with cumin thrice a day for about 3 months. After that, get ready to surprise everyone with the crowning glory of your hair!
  • Sesame seeds: A handful of white sesame seeds each morning can be a great source of magnesium and calcium. They are very effective hair loss checkers.
  • Take one glass milk daily day or night.
  • Daily eat 5 almonds & raisins(soaked over ) early in morning.
  • Green leafy vegetables and fruits: No one can underestimate vegetables and fruits for preserving hair fall, as they are rich in fibre which are an excellent in preventing hair fall.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: Alcoholic drinks have animosity with good hair so you must shun it to achieve the goal at hand.
  • Vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, sulphur and some important fatty acids are very important to make the roots of your hair strong. You can find these nutrients in sprouts, yeast, buttermilk, nuts, milk, soy beans and whole grains. Include these in your diet and you can expect to reduce your hair fall in a few months.
  • Alopecia Universalis: Alopecia Areata: This is the disorder in which hair starts falling and leave patches on scalp, beard, moustaches or any other part of the body. It leaves a shiny skin behind. In few diagnosed cases, hair may grow back in sometime but in many cases the disease goes to its next level where the hair from whole scalp can be lost and this condition is termed as Alopecia Totalis. On the other hand, if the patient still does not plan for the treatment then the disease can progress to its more worsen condition where hair can be lost from the whole body and not any single hair will be left even inside the nose or the pubic area. This Drastic hair less condition is known as Alopecia Universalis.
  • According to this disease, this will not provide any kind of discomfort, pain or physical trauma to the patient and will not hamper his/her daily routine activities but it can hurt you mentally, as it will make patient to feel embarrassed cosmetically. In some cases, patients accept their bald looks very confidently in society which does not affect their mental level but many patients, who are very possessive about their looks will start feeling embarrassed which will ultimately last a bad impact on its physical condition. As we know, females feel sophisticated when they have good looks but if they are facing hair loss like diseases then they can take more stress regarding their problem which is not good.
  • In modern science, re-growing back all the hair is still a challenge. The western doctors are yet unable to find the main cause of such problem. They consider it as an autoimmune disorder where your own body cells start destroying your own cells.
  • In Ayurveda, the disease has been described in detail by all the Acharyas. They termed it as Indralupta and clearly stated that the cause of such problem is Krimi i.e bacteria. There are 20 variety of krimis explained in the texts and Keshad, Lomad & Lomdweep are 3 types out of 20 which can lead to hair loss. Many formulas are left hidden in the ayurvedic books since 5000 years. Dr N.K Chawla (Ex Principal) since 40 years is doing continuous extensive research on many such formulas and has developed many good ayurvedic formulations along with Panchakarma techniques which has helped thousands of patients in re-growing their hair back. Rishi patch oil, Rishi grow oil, Robin plus herbal shampoo and more can be added in this list of formulations whose results can be seen clearly on his websites and Youtube channel. If you are suffering from Hair loss conditions, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Alopecia Barbae, Alopecia in children or many more then immediately book appointment with our experts before it extends to next level.
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    Other Treatment Available With Us at www.deevyaayurveda.com

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